Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thats not that good

So one of the twins is now going to the graveyard. He was chosen to go their and he went on the bus to go to the graveyard. He knows no one on the bus but he does notice one girl that spottes his eye. When he noticed the girl he smiled at her but she didn't smile back because they are going to a bad place,
Giver book or Movie?

Is the giver book better than the movie? They both have the same plot Jonas is trying to escape the community and release all the memories. Their are the same characters. But in my opinion the giver movie is better. The movie makes you on the edge of your seat you see Jonas riding away from people who seem to be like police officers and you see Jonas fly in the air. That is the kind of stuff that makes the movie better then the book. Now I know some of you guys are disagreeing but my 3 reasons are 3 reasons that in my opinion make the movie better.

The first reason why the book is better than the movie is That their are more and better flashbacks. There are Memories about festivals and love and in the book I don't feel like they really explain that much except for the sled. And also in the movie the memories of war and elephant getting killed you could really tell why Jonas is scared because we all know what war is we know what war means but in the movie you can really feel the pain Jonas feels and you kinda understand why he goes a little crazy and saying he can't be the giver.
Another reason why the movie is better is because Asher has to find Jonas and kill him after he escapes the community. In the book after Jonas escapes the community Asher isn't really mentioned in the book but in the movie Asher has to go find Jonas and is told by the chief elder to kill Jonas. This was a big part of the book because Jonas and Asher were best friends and now Asher has to kill Jonas. It was also a big part of the story because If Asher didn't he would have gotten in big trouble like how Fiona did.

The last reason why the movie is better than the book is because of Fiona almost being released. This was due to Jonas asking Fiona to out of the community with him. The Chief Elder saw everything Jonas has said to Fiona on all the cameras. In the book all they had after Jonas leaving the community was him going through the struggles of him trying to release all the memories. But in the movie Fiona was almost released but right when they were about to release her the memories came back to the community

    In Conclusion the giver movie is better than the movie because their are better memories the movie other than the book, Asher has to try and find Jonas after he escapes the community, also in the movie Fiona is almost released due to the chief elder listening to everything Jonas and Fiona talked about. This all made the movie more exciting because they didn't just want to have Jonas escape the community and then just have Jonas and Gabe trying to get to the towers. They wanted the movie to have more than just that so they added Asher being told to kill Jonas and also having Fiona being released.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

where are they going now?

So I just started a new book called "the Unwanted" These two twins are facing the biggest problem of their life and they just turned 13 so they are being sorted into categories  if they are in the unwanted they are put to their grave they could also could go to a university. one of the twins has a big chance of being a unwanted.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Madden Jacquez
Period 1

Grandpas life in the Military

“Grandpa can we do an interview For my English class?” I asked over the phone.
    “Of course when do you want to come over” He said with an exciting voice
    “Maybe in an hour?” I asked
    “ of course I'll be there in an hour to pick you up” I heard him getting and I could tell he was super excited. An hour later I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and my grandpa was there with a big smile.
“You ready?” he asked
“Yeah, Let's go” I said
We got in the car  and drove away. When we got to the house we sat down.
“Do you want to do the interview now? He asked
“Nah we will do it later” As I was hopping over to the couch with a soda.
Me and my grandpa were just kicking back watching a show. Then all of a sudden my grandma  walks into the room.
“Why are you guys not doing the interview?” My grandma said with a upset voice
“We will do it later we have a lot of time” I said “Ok whatever” My grandma said with a mad voice.
I could tell that she wasn't in the best mood.
Maybe 20 minutes later we started the interview.
“What was your favorite part of being in the military?
“My favorite part of being a soldier was meeting people from all over the united states” He said with a big smile.
“I also liked how i met people from so many religions, Something else I loved was The discipline.
“You liked the discipline?”

I asked with a confused face
“Yes I loved it, it was like physical education everyone was trying to outdo each other” He said with a happy tone
“That's awesome” I said
He nodded his head.

“So what was your favorite mission”
“What do you mean favorite mission?” He asked with a confused look on his face
“Like what was the one with the most action” I said
“ Oh ok that makes more sense” With a little laugh at the end
“My craziest  mission was probably going to a place called mile high, It was actually a mile high. It was a fire base and it was very beautiful and calm and I saw so many awesome animals.

What kind of animals did you see? “I saw buffalo, deer, Boa Constrictor, Elephants, Orangutans and all these other cool animals. I remember one time we killed and skinned a tiger because the tiger ate one of our soldiers.
“That's crazy” I said

What was your worst injury?
“My worst injury was getting blown back from a transaction bomb it blew me back and I remember that “It scared the heck out of me.
After he answered that answer I knew that a long time ago he told me he got hit by a trip mine so I had to ask and see if I was right.
“Yes I had to be flown to a hospital in qin Han And I was the last one out of the hospital. And then when I was released I was sent to a war base

Do you regret anything
Their was a long silence. No I just wish that they gave me more training. After a short time of training they sent me off to war. I thought for a moment I imaged getting maybe a month or less of training and then going straight to war.

What did you do after the war
I moved off base for a little more “freedom” I lived off base with a couple of my friends.
“ oh cool” I said
“I was also supposed to go to Germany for another war but I talked to my sergeant and he let me go home”
“Oh you're pretty lucky” I said with a smile
He smiled back with a nod.

Who was your best friend in the army?
“My best friend was Steve one of the people I moved off base with was Steve. When he went off to Germany I went home and I remember telling him that when he gets out of the military to come and live with me. And he did we both lived in Visalia but then I moved to los Osos and he stayed in Visalia.

Do you keep in touch with any of your other military friends?
Yes I do a lot I always email them.
I was very surprised that my grandpa can text because he barely knows how to use a phone. I remember one time I was over and he was talking to his military friends and he was laughing.

My grandpa has a raspy voice and a little white on his beard and hair. My grandma Loves to eat if I spend the night there and I have food the next day it is gone. My grandma has had two heart attacks and can still play baseball and keep up with what I do.

   After being in the military he worked at the post office for 20 years. He retired a long time ago but he sure does act like being a grandpa is a job he will always drop me off places and picks me up. He's not just a hero in the military but to his grandkids to.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Now we all know we have a President of the united states. Now we all know they have private jets and free food and all that stuff. But did you know that the president only gets paid $100K a year. So if their is 4 year terms that's 400K right there other then getting paid decent the president has to be smart so he can make the right choices so he can keep the united States a happy place. The president lives at the white house every day of the week unless he's at another country or visiting some place. Other then that being a president would be a fun job.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poice Officer

police Officers are a crucial part in keeping our society safe. If it wasn't for them we would have millions dead and millions of bad guys. But becoming a police officer isn't easy. You have to go to police academy you have to have a clean record. And a really hard part is the codes. I know someone who is a police officer and they say that the codes are hard to learn at first but you then get used to it. In the academy they look for good listening people who could drive well and shoot well and everything to keep them and the citizens safe.

Monday, November 28, 2016

medival midwife

A midwife is a person who delivers babies. Back in the medieval times midwifes would get paid with food or money most midwifes are from lower classes in the social pyramid, Midwifes work on babies on all social classes some midwifes have worked on kings and queen. Some people thought that midwifes were magical and cast spells to have the babies come out, That not that true and what happens is they put stuff on to make it easier and the midwife would maybe scream saying maybe, "Push You Cow." Overall midwifes were a big part in the medival times.